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I am lying in bed with a cold, tissue box in hand, and still not able to download Windows 7 Beta to my trusty laptop.  After a round of attempts to download with the alarm ringing in my ears, I gave up and just tried it when I woke up for the day.  Imagine my surprise when the site still was not available.  I thought maybe I had missed it and slept through the release.  When I was finally able to subscribe to the RSS feed I steadily watch with eager anticipation.  Still no download available.

Microsoft has released a post to their blog indicating an infrastructure upgrade was needed before they could do the release.  They are excited that we are excited about the download and want the experience to go smoothly.  Translate that to we crashed their servers with so many attempts to download it today.  OK, Microsoft, I’ll wait for your infrastructure upgrade.  I haven’t tried Vista and am eager to see a new OS from the same old same old XP.  Please hurry 🙂


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