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Just a quickie before I go to bed.  What is up with the stock market.  Friday it goes up over 300 points and today it tanks over 300 points….It’s like a roller coaster.  New ride at six flags…the Stock Market ride….every twist and turn is directly related to the highs and lows of the market this year.  I bet it would be fun.  Andy Monaco of The Diciplined Investore said that we all need to take our money out of the market…including our 401k’s.  It’s going to get interesting.

Twit Army is down for a while…that is unfortunate.  Sorry Leo!  The daughter got a new 3G iPhone..she loves it and actually has 3G service where she is going to college…the lucky girl.  Still waiting for 3G to hit NH, then it’s our turn.


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