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“Budget” iPhone ap

I’m sitting here waiting for dinner to arrive and figured I would review another so I just downloaded. This one is called BUDGET. You can keep track of your balance by entering transactions as they happen. Similar to a checkbook register, but on your phone. This so is free so the price is right. There are some definite pros & cons with this application. I like it for it’s convenience. It has the ability to export data but that is a bit clunky. If you have more than 1 bank account there isn’t the ability to have multiple accounts in this program. One good thing is that it is password protected. All in all it is an OK application, but I’m looking for something more. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.


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iPhone ap “Spend”

Since the birth of the new iTunes Ap Store I have been perusing the over 700 applications trying to find the next cool tool to add to my already growing iPhone arsenal.  I found one that was quite interesting.  I have been looking for a way to keep track of my finances.  With the Safari browser I can check my balances, but if you are like me, you never really know where the money went.  Spend is a program created by Adamcode which allows you to set a series of budgets on your phone so you can keep track of your daily spending.  Buy a hamburger at McDonalds and you can input that purchase into the iPhone and immediately see how that impacts your dining out budget.

There are two different ways you can visualize how you spend your money.  You can see a balance of what you have left, or see a tally of what you have spent.  Budgets can be set up for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.  Schedule the amount you wish to alot to the particular category, such as dining out, hit save and you have set up that particular budget category. It’s that simple.  When you make your purchases, simply tap the budgeted item it relates to, tap the + sign at the bottom left and input the description and amount of the purchase.  It’s that simple.  All balances are listed with Red, Green, and Yellow indicators showing where you are at in your spending for that category.

It is a very simple application and one well worth the $0.99 I paid for it! 🙂  This is the only iPhone ap I have paid for and plan to pay for.  More reviews to come down the road.

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