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AT&T Practices

Hello all.  Last Saturday we bought our Daughter an iPhone for her Birthday.  She wanted the ease of use and the ability to have her mail, contacts, and calendars in a hand held device as well as an iPod and a phone…gets rid of quite a few items in her pockets and bag.  She brought it down to Smith and found out it didn’t work anywhere except outside and sometimes in her dorm room.  It was decided to go back to Verizon for her line because she had reception everywhere with that phone.  Now here comes the fun.

I contact AT&T to find out if I can cancel the line.  They said I couldn’t do it over the phone, but had to do it at the store I bought the phone at….OK, no big deal….but I also had to return the new 3G iPhone or pay the full non discounted price for it….Ummm yeah.  So I drive to Lexington to pick up the phone and waltz into the AT&T store where I bought it from this morning.  The gentleman was more than happy to take back the phone for a small 10% restocking fee.  I hadn’t even had it for a week….I suggested I put it on one of our existing lines since we have 2 older generation iPhones already….we were waiting for 3G service to come to NH.  Oh, no that would be fraud if I did that.  Imagine my surprise when I asked why it would be fraud…I still use the phone and extend my contract out 2 more years on the one I’m using….I don’t see the problem here.  The manager at the AT&T store told me I would have to return the phone now (with the 10% restocking fee) and then by it back again for the regular $299 price for the 16Gig.  Call me silly but this doesn’t seem right to me….I still want to use the phone, am perfectly willing to extend out my contract again, and am a real fan. Then the kicker comes…..I can’t cancel the phone line for or daughter because I’m not the account holder….WHAT!  I certainly was able to pay $299 for a phone and add a line and text messaging without being the account holder, but I can’t cancel the line now for some reason?  Hold the phone.

So in short I don’t think we will be upgrading to the new 3G phone….perhaps when our contract with AT&T is up, we will purchase the phones, jailbreak them and go to TMobile.  I couldn’t believe it.  I have always been fairly happy with AT&T and love my iPhone, but now I don’t think we will stay with them as a carrier.  We will still use our iPhones, but not with them once the contract is up.  I’ll write a post when we jailbreak the phones..that will be fun!


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