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New Phones

Ordered the new HTC Incredible on 5/20/10 and still waiting for it to come in.  There is currently no eta on our new bundle of technology joy, but it will be here hopefully by next week.  I can’t wait to see it, adn then run a quick review.  Meanwhile back at the hacienda, I have been familiarizing myself with the Motorola Droid.  Nice phone, but I do miss my iphone a bit.  We just couldn’t handle the complete lack of coverage that we had at our location by AT&T.  It’s not thier fault, we live in the sticks I guess 🙂  More to come later.


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The new year is upon us and with it the stock market has broken 9000. There is some hope yet. Macworld is this month and so is CES. I think we will see electronics that are at or below $100 due to the economy. Steve Jobs will not be at Macworld, nor will Apple which is causing quite a stir among the Apple faithful. Some are thinking the rumors of Jobs’ health may be true. I just think Apple showed all if it’s new toys before the holidays, so why bother with Macworld this year. Leo Leporte will be speaking at Macworld which will be interesting…he has asked John C. Devorak to come on stage with him.

Barack Obama gets sworn in on the 20th of this month. He has promised another stimulus package…the details have yet to be revealed, so the jury is still out on if that will be a good thing or not. I’m looking forward to 2009 and hope it proves to be a good year and that we all get to keep our jobs.

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I’m sitting here watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and I can’t help but be awed at the dawn of computing. How much things have changed, yet remained the same. Steve Jobs still wears his Birkenstocks, Woz is still sporting a beard (all hail Woz). It makes me wonder sometimes if Woz is as appreciated as he should be. Someone I know asked me who Woz was when I was upset about the blog posts and writing over his “line jumping” debacle (what a joke, he didn’t cut in line). I felt almost embarrassed that I had to explain to him that Woz was the father of all computers.

The movie sports Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as the main characters but I wonder if people realize that it was also Baumer and Woz in the beginning as well. Steve and Bill are the front men for the computing world. Let’s not forget the people behind them as well. Ok…off to drink another Brain Toniq.

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I went to the Apple store today because my charger was damaged.  It was plugged in charging the laptop and then began to smoke and melted the wire.  Had the normal routine of the household been going on we would not have been home or in the same room to catch it and the house most likely would have burned down.  Showing my charger to the Genius Bar they proceeded to scan and poke at it and process a claim.  When they scanned it they found it to be 2 years old and out of warranty…they refused to do anything about it.  After almost burning down my house they didn’t want to replace a defective charger.

I was forced to purchase a new charger since the laptop needs to have power at some point.  I found the whole experience dishartening.  I am a huge Apple fan and I would like to think that my touting of the Apple brand and product has caused several in my department to purchase Apple products…yet they will not replace a defective charger.  I will need to rethink my purchase of the new 3G iPhone when we get 3G in the area.  After this experience, I have a bad taste in my mouth.  I guess it really is “Buyer Beware”.

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Apple Mania

Good Evening (or early morning).  I happened to stop by an Apple store to get my charger replaced since it almost burned the house down.  Inside I saw many people happily playing with their new iPhones and iPod touches.  But it wasn’t all about iPhone.  People were buying an abundance of MacBook Pro’s, Airports, Classic iPods and software as well.  I had seen much browsing when we went in to purchase our iPhones a year ago, but not much purchasing.  It is refreshing to see that the Apple is coming up and more people are coming on board.  Can you tell I am a fan?!  More to come tomorrow (or today).

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New Technology

The Apple iPhone 3G has finally arrived.  Horray for all the Apple fans out there.  I have not purchased one yet and won’t until NH gets 3G service.  I don’t see the point seeing as Ialready have an iPhone and the aps are killer!

While watching Leo Laporte’s 24 hours of iPhone, the husband and I downloaded the new 2.0 software on Thursday.  The install and update took long but went well with no glitches.  Once the software was sucessfully installed it was time to let the downloading begin!  The first ap to be installed was “PhoneSaber”  Gotta love Star Wars!  Then came “Jott” which is a voice recording application to capture thos “don’t forget the milk” moments.  I downloaded eReader to do some light reading while waiting in the grocery line.  And “Twitterific” is a must if you follow anyone on the social networking scene using Twitter.

The software upgrade provided some changes to the phones interface as well.  The calculator changed it’s look and turns into a scientific calculator if you turn it on it’s side.  There is a separate icon for your contacts and the me.com auto sync is great.  Changes on the fly to your calendar and address book and other me.com features turns your phone into a true mini computer.  All in all it has been a great experience for this release of the iPhone.

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