Steve Jobs Not Dying

Good news, Steve Jobs of Apple is not dying.  Rumors ran wild as reports of Steve Jobs’ poor health and imminent death were circulated around the blogoshpere.  Well those rumors happen to be unsubstantiated.  Steve is in good health and under a doctors care for a minor hormonal imbalance causing his “rapid” weight loss.  It’s not Cancer folks! I expected this news to raise Apples stock as shareholders were selling feeling that the leader of the company and the main visionary was on his way out in a literal sense.  But no, Apple stock is down by 0.77 points as of this post date.  That’s unfortunate but on a happier note, the stock market is up overall.  Will post more about MacWorld later this evening.  Geez, it’s only 11:49 am over there and much is still set to happen today.


Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us and with it the stock market has broken 9000. There is some hope yet. Macworld is this month and so is CES. I think we will see electronics that are at or below $100 due to the economy. Steve Jobs will not be at Macworld, nor will Apple which is causing quite a stir among the Apple faithful. Some are thinking the rumors of Jobs’ health may be true. I just think Apple showed all if it’s new toys before the holidays, so why bother with Macworld this year. Leo Leporte will be speaking at Macworld which will be interesting…he has asked John C. Devorak to come on stage with him.

Barack Obama gets sworn in on the 20th of this month. He has promised another stimulus package…the details have yet to be revealed, so the jury is still out on if that will be a good thing or not. I’m looking forward to 2009 and hope it proves to be a good year and that we all get to keep our jobs.

The First Snow

The first snow if the season has hit and it us gorgeous! The trees are heavy with the weight of the snow. Christmas lights peek out from a white wrap and are illuminated in a sift glow instead of the bright, sometimes harsh starkness that can come from no backdrop.

Now it is beginning to look and feel like Christmas time. Don’t let a lack of funds get you down…enjoy the holiday season for what it is supposed to be…a time of family and friends, not the amount of presents under the tree.

Happy Holidays from Stacy’s Blog

Hah, the first snow of the season arrived today and it was so beautiful. What made it beautiful was that I didn’t have to shovel it! Not a lot of the white fluff, and that’s just the way I like it. It makes you get into the holiday spirit.

Speaking of holidays, it’s going to be light at our house this year but will be fun. Decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, and open presents Christmas Day! Cook dinner, clean up, send the old man out the door to work, and get a dinner ready to feed him and the other poor souls who are working on this day so the others can have a day off.

Christmas Dinner will be a ham this year…..too much turkey at Thanksgiving 🙂 Potatoes, peas, biscuits, and candied yams. Sounds like a feast! See you all there.

A Smile

With the economy at a low spot, it’s nice to see that some prices are falling. It is a bit before my time, but I have seen the lines at the gas stations in the 70’s. I was quite surprised to see a line at my local Mobil last night and this morning…not because the price had gone up, but because it had gone down!

Gas was $1.89 last night and $1.95 this morning. Cars were 4 deep at every pump. It was simply amazing.

Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are coming, what are you going to do?  With the economy the way it is we may dread the sales and traveling to the stores to buy gifts for everyone.  Don’t bother buying gifts for everyone.  The point of the holiday season isn’t how many gifts you get or how much you spend.  It is about spending time with family and friends and feeling good that you are alive and another year has passed by without relative incident.  It is a time to rejoice and celebrate the times you have spent together and will do so again.

With Tuition due in January, and the cost of food going up I’m just going to be making some home made gifts of scarves, blankets, and hats for my family.  It is heartfelt and personal and we don’t care how much you spend.  Myself I am a sucker for those little pre-made gift baskets you can get for $5 and up at the stores.  Maybe it’s my backwoods coming out a bit but If someone took the time to get it, I’ll love it no matter what it is.

Home baked goodies are always a good way of saying you care as well.  Cookies, brownies, gourmet treats are a sure way to say I love you or that you care.  You took the time to bake it and that will show when you give the goodies to your family and friends.

Don’t stress over the holidays, this year.  Just because you can’t fill under the tree doesn’t mean you don’t care any less.

Analysts report that groceries will hit a record 7% to 9% increase next year. The cause is not what we used to think as gas prices continue to drop with the stock markets decline. This can be blamed on the increased cost of grains and feed to feed the livestock. So the food the cows, chickens and various other animals is what is going to hit us hard. With the jump in food prices, dining out will also go up as an extra expense, that has already been going up and making many Americans eat in.

What this does is bring coupon or points sites heavier traffic. Sunday papers will be in a higher demand for just the coupons alone, and not the fine articles that may be in them. It seems that just as one high priced item goes down, there is another to take it’s place. I better start work on my raised garden beds and get them ready for next year. Fresh, free food, here I come!