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My Inner Shatner

Watching TWIT today on twitlive.tv I was struck by how interesting everything was and was hit by my “inner Shatner”.  I went looking for an ap for my iPhone that would let me turn it into a treckie’s dream.  I found everything I could possibly desire….for a jailbroken phone.  I don’t want to jailbreak my phone though.  I want my regular old iPhone to look cool too.  Perhaps I should just make an ap to do it then.  I have the iPhone SDK, why not?  More to come on that.


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Earlier today at around 2:00 pm Eastern Time Windows 7 Beta became available.  The ISO file is 2.44Gb and can take some time to download.  I am currently in the process of downloading it at home and will be installing it on my 300Gb desktop.  I’m looking forward to the new features and am going to see if I can get some biometric items to test with it.  One of the features is a much improved interface for biometric security.  I’ll keep you posted!

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Microsoft posted this on their Windows 7 home page today:  

Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal—we’re in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We’re sorry for the delay and we’ll re-post the Beta as soon as we can ensure a quality download experience.

No ETA on when it will be available.  I salute those who are able to get it.  I may not as I’m calling it an early night.  Happy downloading my friends.

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I am lying in bed with a cold, tissue box in hand, and still not able to download Windows 7 Beta to my trusty laptop.  After a round of attempts to download with the alarm ringing in my ears, I gave up and just tried it when I woke up for the day.  Imagine my surprise when the site still was not available.  I thought maybe I had missed it and slept through the release.  When I was finally able to subscribe to the RSS feed I steadily watch with eager anticipation.  Still no download available.

Microsoft has released a post to their blog indicating an infrastructure upgrade was needed before they could do the release.  They are excited that we are excited about the download and want the experience to go smoothly.  Translate that to we crashed their servers with so many attempts to download it today.  OK, Microsoft, I’ll wait for your infrastructure upgrade.  I haven’t tried Vista and am eager to see a new OS from the same old same old XP.  Please hurry 🙂

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Microsoft announced at CES today that it will release the Windows 7 Beta to the first 2.5million consumers that visit their site.  Sound like fun!  I heard from Patrick Norton that it was supposed to be available at midnight on Friday the 9th.  Well, is that Midnight my time or Midnight their time.  I set the alarm for Midnight….no download yet.  I set it for 3 am and no download yet.  Well, guess you got it wrong but I am still going to try to download the beta version and install it on my laptop.  It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has come up with now after the failed Vista and “Mojave” versions.

I’m off to bed again and I will post more later when and if I am able to download the beta version.

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Steve Jobs Not Dying

Good news, Steve Jobs of Apple is not dying.  Rumors ran wild as reports of Steve Jobs’ poor health and imminent death were circulated around the blogoshpere.  Well those rumors happen to be unsubstantiated.  Steve is in good health and under a doctors care for a minor hormonal imbalance causing his “rapid” weight loss.  It’s not Cancer folks! I expected this news to raise Apples stock as shareholders were selling feeling that the leader of the company and the main visionary was on his way out in a literal sense.  But no, Apple stock is down by 0.77 points as of this post date.  That’s unfortunate but on a happier note, the stock market is up overall.  Will post more about MacWorld later this evening.  Geez, it’s only 11:49 am over there and much is still set to happen today.

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The new year is upon us and with it the stock market has broken 9000. There is some hope yet. Macworld is this month and so is CES. I think we will see electronics that are at or below $100 due to the economy. Steve Jobs will not be at Macworld, nor will Apple which is causing quite a stir among the Apple faithful. Some are thinking the rumors of Jobs’ health may be true. I just think Apple showed all if it’s new toys before the holidays, so why bother with Macworld this year. Leo Leporte will be speaking at Macworld which will be interesting…he has asked John C. Devorak to come on stage with him.

Barack Obama gets sworn in on the 20th of this month. He has promised another stimulus package…the details have yet to be revealed, so the jury is still out on if that will be a good thing or not. I’m looking forward to 2009 and hope it proves to be a good year and that we all get to keep our jobs.

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