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Good Evening everyone.  I’m sitting in front of my new 46″ Samsung HDTV watching the other half play Call of Duty 4 and can’t get over the graphics and the difference size really does make.  Our previous TV, before it went to TV heaven, was a 32″ HD CRT TV.  The picture was very good, clear, and defined.  It weighed a good 150 lbs and was difficult to move if not impossible.

This new Television is an LCD Flat Screen and it connects to our DVR using HDMI.  Now I never understood the hype of HDMI, probably because I didn’t have a TV that supported it.  I had to connect the new TV using component until I could go to the local service center and get an HDMI cable.  The picture was great with Component, beautiful and full of detail.  Or so I thought.  Then I connected the HDMI cable and everything became CRYSTAL clear…Wow did it ever become clear.  It’s like watching events unfold…being immersed in the moment of it.  It really doesn’t look like a picture or anything anymore, the detail is that great using HDMI.  It’s great too because it’s one cable in the back, not 5.

I have to say, this was one of the best purchases we have made next to the MacBook Pro.  PS…it took me about a week to get over the feeling of nausea every time I watched the huge screen.  I really was disorienting at first to have so much to view, my eyes tried to go everywhere instead of concentrating on one thing.


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I apologize for my lax in posting lately.  I have been playing with my new Internet speed from Comcast which is 22mb down and 5mb up.  Of course with power boost I’m getting way more than that initially.  I am so happy to be surfing at such high speeds 🙂  At least this way when my other half is blowing things up in Call of Duty 4, I can be doing something else Internet related and not be stuck watching him.   Ok…got to run for now.  It’s getting chilly here in NH and the political ads are getting more profuse and brutal.

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Local Elections

It’s almost time to vote and I don’t know about you but I keep getting multiple fliers deriding one candidate or another or praising one or the other.  But one campaign sticks to mind.  That of the opponents of Jeanne Shaheen.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am not voting for this scumbag piece of work.  She makes Tony Soprano look like a school kid.  As long as it was lining her pockets,  Jeanne Shaheen voted for it.  She voted for Unions that knowingly discriminated agains women.  As Governor she attempted to implement a State Sales tax of 2.5%.  Kind of defeats the motto “Live Free Or Die”.  No, Jeanne Shaheen is not getting my vote in November.  She does not have any of NH’s ideals or morals and is simply a crook.

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Life is Good

OK, so maybe that is pushing it a bit but things will definitely get better.  The economy took a very strong downward swing these past few weeks and has everyone stressed that we are in for another “Great Depression”  The reality of it is this happens about every 10 years or so.  The economy takes a dip after record highs, and then goes right back up again.

That doesn’t mean I have to ride the downside of the tide, but I’ll definitely be riding the upside of it.  It’s a bit disheartening when you look at your 401k and see that your rate of return is a negative 40%.  So instead of pouring more money into a downed ship I decided to put a hold on what I contribute to my 401k until the market can work itself out.  Then, it will be time to contribute heavily and get the most for my money.  There is no guarantee that the money I contribute today, to specified funds and companies, will still be there.  Let the stock market work itself out and then get back in when we know what is going to stay around.

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The November election is almost upon us.  With the choices for President being Barak Obama or John McCain, we are seeing more and more ads on TV and on people’s lawns.  Tensions rise, as McCain drops out of the race in Michigan and started to focus on other states.  I’m voting for McCain and do hope that he wins.

Many are complaining about the economy and government.  The only way we are going to produce a change is to actually get out there and vote in November.  If you haven’t registered before, that’s OK…you can register on the day of the election.  Get out and vote.  If you don’t, then I don’t want to hear you complain.  You loose that right when you choose not to take part in democracy.

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The senate passed the $700 billion bailout bill today, sweetened with tax cuts for big business and the middle class. The house is next for the bill which they want passed by Friday. Lawmakers feel this will stop a deep recession and stave off fears of another depression.

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