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Good day all.  I’m waiting for the “other half” to be fitted with his Tuxedo for a relatives wedding.  As I pull out the credit card to pay the bill I’m struck by 1) how old I must be getting because I remember when $40 was a high end tux, and 2) just how much everything has gone up.  Do you remember Penny Candy.  Each piece of candy was a penny.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is 1/100th of a dollar.  Those were the days and it’s sad to see them go.  $200 doesn’t buy you nearly the same amount of groceries….actually about half of what it bought only 5 years ago.  The cost of living has gone up and it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. 

All families now need to choose what they spend their money on, the cable with all the movie channels, or that nice roast dinner that the kids have been asking about, or a little more fuel for the tank this winter to keep warm.  Now I’m a bit plump so I’m opting for the fuel,  but that will not be the choice for everyone…and it’s sad to see that hard working families have to make that choice.  I think as businesses feel the crunch this winter there will be many more 2 for 1 deals, coupons and specials to entice thrifty savers to come  spend money at their establishment.  I buy a Sunday paper now just so I can go over the coupons and flyers.  My hair gets done by a beauty training school for a quarter of the cost of getting it done at a regular salon and I cut the hair of my menfolk myself to save money.  (For some reason he doesn’t want to cut my hair, I’m thinking that may be a blessing)

Life is short.  Spend your money and your time wisely.


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Way to go McCain on your choice of VP. On to the White House!

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Microsoft released it’s second beta of IE8 to end users today.  The new web browser seems like a breath of fresh air from Microsoft.  I cant believe I’m saying this.  The new browser is designed to block third party cookies, tracking cookies, and ads from being seen.  This protects the user immensely while surfing, something Microsoft acknowledges when it released the Beta.  It seems that Microsoft has heard the populous and understands that they want a safer browsing experience.  It has learned from it’s success with IE7.

Users have the ability to surf with InPrivateBrowsing which covers the temporary Internet files, cookies, tracking cookies and other things websites put in place to track their customers or users whereabouts on the web.

This has ad agencies up in arms.  They are concerned that their ads will not go through or will not be seen by the multitude of Internet surfers.  Users can review a list of which companies are trying to display or collect data from them and will have the option to pick and choose what they want to do with the data.

I think this is a step in the right direction and a breath of fresh air.  Thanks Microsoft!

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“Budget” iPhone ap

I’m sitting here waiting for dinner to arrive and figured I would review another so I just downloaded. This one is called BUDGET. You can keep track of your balance by entering transactions as they happen. Similar to a checkbook register, but on your phone. This so is free so the price is right. There are some definite pros & cons with this application. I like it for it’s convenience. It has the ability to export data but that is a bit clunky. If you have more than 1 bank account there isn’t the ability to have multiple accounts in this program. One good thing is that it is password protected. All in all it is an OK application, but I’m looking for something more. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

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iPhone ap “Spend”

Since the birth of the new iTunes Ap Store I have been perusing the over 700 applications trying to find the next cool tool to add to my already growing iPhone arsenal.  I found one that was quite interesting.  I have been looking for a way to keep track of my finances.  With the Safari browser I can check my balances, but if you are like me, you never really know where the money went.  Spend is a program created by Adamcode which allows you to set a series of budgets on your phone so you can keep track of your daily spending.  Buy a hamburger at McDonalds and you can input that purchase into the iPhone and immediately see how that impacts your dining out budget.

There are two different ways you can visualize how you spend your money.  You can see a balance of what you have left, or see a tally of what you have spent.  Budgets can be set up for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.  Schedule the amount you wish to alot to the particular category, such as dining out, hit save and you have set up that particular budget category. It’s that simple.  When you make your purchases, simply tap the budgeted item it relates to, tap the + sign at the bottom left and input the description and amount of the purchase.  It’s that simple.  All balances are listed with Red, Green, and Yellow indicators showing where you are at in your spending for that category.

It is a very simple application and one well worth the $0.99 I paid for it! 🙂  This is the only iPhone ap I have paid for and plan to pay for.  More reviews to come down the road.

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I’m sitting here watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley” and I can’t help but be awed at the dawn of computing. How much things have changed, yet remained the same. Steve Jobs still wears his Birkenstocks, Woz is still sporting a beard (all hail Woz). It makes me wonder sometimes if Woz is as appreciated as he should be. Someone I know asked me who Woz was when I was upset about the blog posts and writing over his “line jumping” debacle (what a joke, he didn’t cut in line). I felt almost embarrassed that I had to explain to him that Woz was the father of all computers.

The movie sports Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as the main characters but I wonder if people realize that it was also Baumer and Woz in the beginning as well. Steve and Bill are the front men for the computing world. Let’s not forget the people behind them as well. Ok…off to drink another Brain Toniq.

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I was watching TV today and saw the oddest commercial. It was for a vaccine for young boys. Naturally I was curious as to what health ailment could be befalling our young men. Imagine my surprise to learn it was for the same virus strain as they were peddling for Guardasil, a vaccine touted to prevent cervical cancer. This had me puzzled as I remember from my health class (back in the day) that men don’t have a cervix.

I couldn’t fathom what on earth the pharmaceutical companies were thinking…let alone any self respecting TV station…in offering this product. Then it hit me, MONEY. The root of all evil and most Americans are playing right into their hands. They frighten the population into thinking their children are going to be hurt if they don’t do this. The theory is that if the boys are vaccinated they can’t get throat cancer from oral sex with an infected woman. Or for the gay community, they can not get anal cancer from their activities.

All of this is hooey. If you live a decent life and are healthy, exercise, and eat right, most people don’t get cervical cancer or any of the other cancers. It is the unhealthy that have cause for concern, but why try a vaccine which hasn’t been proven, and the side effects are unattractive? Parents, please reconsider before you listen to your doctor. They make money on the drug the same as the pharmaceutical companies. The more vaccines they provide to you, the consumer, the more money they get to take home. Do not risk your children, boy or girl, on something that may not even be necessary.

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