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It’s hard to imagine that there are responsible people, given the number of irresponsible people.  When are we as a country going to take responsibility?  We are too dependent on foreign oil.  Alternative energy needs to be a priority since the cost of oil keeps rising.  It is not all supply and demand.  Notice how the cost of oil has dropped significantly in the past few weeks, yet the price at the pumps have gone down by only pennies.  Oil is going down but prices for our every day goods are not.  Groceries are still expensive, Home heating oil hasn’t taken any dips, nor does it plan on doing so.

It’s time to look at wind, and solar energy.  I’d put a windmill up in my back yard if I thought I could get it by the town and my neighbors.  But living on a postage stamp size of land and near the airport doesn’t allow me to be able to have a 150 foot white tower with enormous blades.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it somewhere where there is space.  I live in NH, and wind is quite abundant…let’s use some of it.  Solar will work out well in the summer, but wind is better for the winter months.

If we don’t all start taking responsibility for our own actions, there isn’t going to be anything left to leave our children or our grandchildren.  We will have wasted our planet and used all of our resources.  Alternative energy is the only way to go!


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This is my first iPhone post! I like what WordPress is doing with this aplication. They make it easy to write a quick post and send it out. I can’t figure out if you can put in links from this ap yet.

I want to give a quick shout out to Todd Cochrane over at geeknewscentral.com. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your success with Techpodcast and Blubrry. Keep the ads coming! We will have to get together sometime when you are on the East Coast.

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It is time to upgrade the 17″ Mac Book Pro laptop.  It has served us well, but now it needs more.  More memory and thanks to Channel Flip I will be purchasing the Corsair which I found here. I found it very economical and should be a valuable upgrade.

The next step is to upgrade the 120Gig hard drive to a 320Gig hard drive.  I am thinking of getting this drive but am unsure of the exact specs for the Mac Book Pro.  I am looking for a drive that is as quiet as the drive we have now, but provides much more capacity. I read the Samsung drives are loud but the Western Digital drives are quieter. Any thoughts?

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With the rise of social networking, sites such as Twitter are getting more use. I just wonder if they can handle it…

With all that is new, there will be growing pains…or in the case of Twitter, the fail whale. Here’s to hoping they get it together. I like the service and want to see it keep up the good work. Thank goodness I didn’t loose any followers.

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Untested Drugs

There have been reports that Guardasil, the drug designed for young women to prevent genital warts which cause Cervical Cancer, has some rather nasty side effects. These side effects include nausea, paralysis and even 10 reported deaths. Since the year it has been in the general population, Guardasil has over 8000 cases with the CDC in regards to side effects.

The CDC has duplicated the paralysis cases which seems to occur when the girl is also getting their regular round of shots. The drug appears to interact poorly with the other vaccinations. The deaths are being looked into to see what role Guardasil may or may not have had.

I’m all for preventing Cervical Cancer as it runs in my family, but I refuse to take this drug. Kudos to the scientists who discovered the drug, but what else is it going to do? Yes, it prevents genital warts which cause cancer. That’s great, but if you grow a second head or an extra finger or die, the drug isn’t really doing you that much good.

I feel strongly that these drugs need to be tested more and they shouldn’t be made just for the sake of making them. Parents need to guard their childrens’ health. I understand completely how it would be appealing to virtually guarantee your daughter one less headache to worry about and one less form of Cancer that can come get her when she is older. It is admirable that the scientific community is looking to protect our children…and the doctors are recommending Guardasil like it was the holy grail…administering it to teens and pre-teens. But did anyone think about the side effects?

The Polio Vaccine which was the cure for Polio caused cases of Polio and paralyzed children. The Chicken Pox vaccine gave children chicken pox. With Guardasil it is supposed to prevent genital warts…what if, like so many of its predecessors, it gave them to you instead? That would be absolutely terrible. Virtually guaranteeing a generation of women who will be at a severely increased risk of Cervical Cancer. This will cause a strain on the health system as they will need to be screened with pap smears and colposcopy’s at least twice a year.

This is my advice…when the next miracle drug comes along…wait a while…the cure may be worse than the disease it was meant to save you from.

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Wired online posted an article in regards to the rising gas prices and how vehicle manufacturers are trying to ease the pain.  Vehicle manufacturers will begin to roll out Hybrid and electric cars beginning in 2010 with others bringing up the rear in 2012.  What is all the hype about?  We already have the hybrids made by Honda, Toyota, and Ford….a Plug in Hybrid vehicle touted to get around 100 Miles Per Gallon.

I have to tell you that is music to my ears when gas is over $5 a gallon in some places.  Currently there are no Plug in Hybrid vehicles….now this term is a bit odd, Hybrid should cover it all, but it doesn’t.  This vehicle will be an electric vehicle that gets plugged in every night and can get up to 40 miles per charge…then it switches to the Hybrid engine and gets around 100 miles per gallon.  WOW!  I want it now!

For those of us who have a desire to purchae such a vehicle now, alas we can not…but we certainly can modify our current hybrid vehicles to become plug in hybrid vehicles.  A company called Hymotion is planning on selling a conversion kit to augment your existing Hybrid car for $9,995.  There is a $1000 deposit and units are expected to begin shipping in December of 2008.  Currently only the Toyota Prius models have kits but they are working on all the Hybrid models and plan to have them available in early 2009.

I am pleased and excited to see major manufacturers thinking so “green” of late. Maybe something did come out of big oil after all.

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I went to the Apple store today because my charger was damaged.  It was plugged in charging the laptop and then began to smoke and melted the wire.  Had the normal routine of the household been going on we would not have been home or in the same room to catch it and the house most likely would have burned down.  Showing my charger to the Genius Bar they proceeded to scan and poke at it and process a claim.  When they scanned it they found it to be 2 years old and out of warranty…they refused to do anything about it.  After almost burning down my house they didn’t want to replace a defective charger.

I was forced to purchase a new charger since the laptop needs to have power at some point.  I found the whole experience dishartening.  I am a huge Apple fan and I would like to think that my touting of the Apple brand and product has caused several in my department to purchase Apple products…yet they will not replace a defective charger.  I will need to rethink my purchase of the new 3G iPhone when we get 3G in the area.  After this experience, I have a bad taste in my mouth.  I guess it really is “Buyer Beware”.

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