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I have just seen an article on Endgadget about sex robots coming to Massachusetts in 2050.  WOW!  Apparently the liberals in MA have quite the reputation.  THIS is why I live in New Hampshire!



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Help Me

I can’t stop thinking about the 2 teens who may get 38 years in jail for hacking the system and changing their grades.  OK…they hacked the schools computer system…that was bad.  Not a lot of thought went into it either since their change was so obvious… “Let’s change our F to an A.  Nobody will ever notice”.  Yes, they proved why they were getting an F in that subject.

I do not agree with what they did.  Hacking anything is wrong morally and ethically and changing grades is even worse.  But 38 years?  Somehow that seems a bit harsh to me.  I can understand the DA wanting to make examples of the kids, goodness knows we don’t want a repeat of their actions.  The problem is now the taxpayers of that state and town are going to pay thousands of dollars so the DA can prosocute and go after these criminals on a scentence they know they will not get.  It seems like a waste of time and money to initiate such a proceeding.

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Brain Toniq

I am here to review Brain Toniq. Feed your brain! Made of all natural ingredients and sweetened with all natural Agave. The taste is something similar to that of Fresca, slightly carbonated and goes down easy. Its a small package but the benefits are awesome. One hit of this liquid gold and you are alert and active without the bad side effects of Caffeine. No jitters, shakes, or sour stomach. Go to BrainToniq.com today and get some. Use promo code LEO and save 20%!

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Good Day!

This is a Blog designed to bring out my creativity and to tell the world what I am doing. This is what I am and what I’m into with my thoughts and feelings. I hope you enjoy!

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